There are fans, followers and idol worshippers. This to the best of everybody’s understanding is how I will like to categorize the caliber of fans we have in the globe. Some fans just care about the music, while others, look forward to the sound or talent of their favorite singer and actor, their personality and private life. These group of fansare those who don’t care much, neither do they have time to go deeper knowing who sang or played the role in the said movie.

Others who can be described as the “die hard” fans will go as far as demanding attention from their favorite celebrities, these set of fans can be divided into 2, on one hand, the die hards who will do anything to meet their idols, on the other hand are those who will ask for the private contacts of celebrities, request video calls at random hours, send explicit and weird DMs and even seek a chance to be involved in sexual relationships.

The talk about some Cameroonian celebrities not being appreciative and interactive with their fans is not a thing of the month of July, many of these celebrities have been heavily criticized for being snobbish and careless of the affection and love their fans show them, these set of fans who really want the “everything” from their celebrities say their idols are proud, rude and very disrespectful most especially in the comment section and DMs (Inboxes) of some of their favorite superstars. For this reason, they have decided to find solace in the hearts of their neigboring superstars Nigeria. This matter of Cameroonian celebrities being unappreciative was brought to my notice by a post made by a Cameroonian writer Kyng Lloyd. See post below;

All in all, many Cameroonians will come to testify this assertion to be true stating that they somehow have been snobbed, disrespected by a Cameroonian celeb or two. Notwithstanding, we have to understand that some celebrities have very huge following, managing studio and set time with their social media platforms can be very difficult thus, you getting a chance to be replied is slimmer. However, the big question is, how do these stars from Neighboring countries like Nigeria do it ?

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Victor Kange