Face models, run way models etc is what is common in Cameroon and Africa to be precise. What the African population and most especially the Cameroonian culture is still to swallow is the nude modelling. The nude modelling happens to be one of the most difficult types of modelling in the world, given that a lot of features of the model’s body is revealed and hoping to be digested by the public makes it tedious for the passionate figures who pose in front of the lens of the photographer.

How the fast rising Cameroonian nude photo model Nina Mbunwe does this is extraterrestrial. Her curves and wet body in this new photos will blow your mind. Art at it’s finest spiced with the beautiful lighting and dark nature of all the pictures. Why am I writing all this grammar whereas the pictures are available for you to appreciate her talent and creativity? Check them out below.

One thing I love about these latest release of hers is because her body is not too exposed and it is something I would love to hang on the walls of my home museum or bedroom when I’m 50.

Nina is a talent to watch out for. As one of Cameroon’s fastest rising models, she kills it which ever way, clothes on or clothes off!

Victor Kange