You might never know who brings you to lamplight, molds you and then guides your journey to stardom. We have seen many cases, with the likes of Pazzo Sangtum/Magasco, JoviLeMonstre/Pascal just a cite a few. In most cases, the artiste in a bid to remain faithful and show gratitude they never want to depart from their mentor.
You will want to agree with me that being schooled by a single teacher from nursery right up to high school, the bond between the student and the teacher remains unbreakable. Some parents go as far as recruiting the same teachers during holiday classes to school their kids because they think the teacher knows ”the In and Out” of their child.
Back to the music world, although many people don’t actually vibe to Maahlox music, never will they disagree that the rapper and his producer didn’t make a great ”couple” music wise actually. Unfortunately, they had to part ways and tongues have been wagging. Many are impatient to see how Maahlox will later on sound without the production of I.V.O.
Several other rappers tend to use one producers in almost all their songs, Kikoh with DJ Pazzo, Skidi Boy with DJ Karl even the flaming Tenor with Ramzy.
Well no one does anything for nothing. If you’ve noticed actions of this caliber, then it must be for a reason. However, if you ask me, I’ll say have a series of alternatives on your desk, you might never know what that other producer discovers in you.
Now I am asking you, what do you think?  The comment section is all yours.
-Victor Kange