Creating an active social media fan base for an artiste by an artiste is one of the most tedious steps in building the career of an artiste. Statistics in some fields of entertainment have proven that the fans contribute to over 50% success in the career of an artiste, this is unarguably true because without the fans giving in their full time support, purchasing tickets for shows, buying albums, sharing content, subscribing here and there, there’s no room for an artiste to get out of his of her shell.

Also, bloggers, whether upcoming or experienced play a great role in marketing an artiste. Be it his image or brand. There’s no artiste who can boast of starting from scratch and doing it all alone without the help of bloggers. It is worthy to note that even real talent still needs promo.

With all this support from fans, family, supporters, critics and bloggers, artistes, most especially from Cameroon are fond of restricting some fans and bloggers off their pages simply because they either published an honest opinion, a truthful article, send out offensive messages or supported their favorite artiste against another.

The big question is, why have most of these artistes refused to accept critics and haters? They’ve rather chosen to block them from getting access to their pages?

I have understood the relationship of artistes in Cameroon and their fans. This relationship grows in 3 different stages. In the first stage, when artistes are upcoming, they become humble and beg for support and love from fans.

In the second stage, when they’ve gotten visibility and a following with some independence and a little finance, they become interactive more with the fans and the request for help decreases. This is just to prove that they’re up there.

In the 3rd and final stage, when they’ve ”blown” and are established, your help is not need much like before, so they block.

We need these artistes to man up.
What is your take on this? Have you ever been blocked? What did you do or say to deserve it?

Victor Kange