Askia is back”. This has been the statement on the lips of her fans since she dropped “Let’s Talk” a few weeks ago. Some people see her as the queen of Cameroonian rap, while others think she has a lot of work to do before claiming such a title.

On the other hand, there is Tilla, the rapper has been widely acclaimed by her followers and they too maintain that she is the queen of Cameroonian rap, yet she hasn’t proved much this year , but everyone will agree she’s a big contender to the queen spot in Cameroonian rap. These are probably the two biggest names among Cameroonian female rappers, they both lay claim to the “throne”, both have parted ways with record labels before and one is now independent and the other is now with an overseas label. So the question today is. Should Askia and Tilla Tafari work together? Well, let’s see how possible that is. Tilla and Askia are both very talented ladies with amazing releases but they are also probably the greatest rivals in Cameroonian female rap, we cannot overemphasized the necessity of competition when anyone is aiming for the top. Thus, if Askia and Tilla happen to collaborate on a song or songs it might be a definite end to the strife for the female rap throne, they might as well just share it and this might breed some laziness in both of them given that they will be little or no threats to look out for.

Meanwhile, good competition can be a good reason to remain competitive and keep working hard to make a difference and both rappers still need a lot of growth in their careers and as such need to put in a lot of work to achieve the throne they so much desire. Also, there are the fans. Tilla fans are necessarily not Askia fans and as such there is always a silent war between both camps who always seek to prove to the prowess of their favourite rapper over the other. So maybe Askia and Tilla decide to work together, the fans will always find something to pitch them against each other as they will incessantly want to compare their verses and that might create a new beef which might do more harm than good to both artistes. Conversely, both of them working together might send a strong message of sisterhood between them, it might be a demonstration of maturity and support among two artistes who can put their personal ego aside and do something for their fans and for the growth of the industry. They will be showing their fans and other artistes that rivalry must not necessarily be war. With all these said, do you think it will be necessary for both artistes to work together? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.