On a serious note, we would have loved never to mix 237Showbiz and politics but from the way things keep unfolding, we can’t deny the fact that the instable atmosphere of the country is not affecting the entertainment industry.
It was in this same period last year that the English speaking regions began protesting. These events brought about military torture, killings and jailing of many protesters. Unfortunately, the people’s voices were not loud enough to send out their reports of how they were being tortured in their own country so they started relying on their public figures and artistes to help blow the trumpet of pain.
Mind you, only a few have courageous enough to speak out using their music. Salatiel in his video Toi et Moi and Magasco’s Zamba. Others like Blaise B, Mr. Leo have also been showing signs of concern. This is what the people want. Many of these artistes are afraid to speak up because they don’t want to lose their francophone market and heavy fan base. That’s kind of the idea.
Notwithstanding, entertainers need to know that their fans are their everything. They can take you up in one minute and bring you down in another. Postponing your release dates is not enough. The fans need you now. They are on pain. You have to speak out for them, let them know that you care.
A Camer artiste Bala Tu K was arrested after he claimed he had received several threats to take down his video ”Boko Haram” off YouTube. Till date, his fellow entertainers are still to come to his aid. Although it may look to some like a strategy to promote his music, the fans expected you guys to show signs of support. If you can’t help them when they need you, why then are you a role model. Please step forward!