Probably Jovi

and Stanley Enow are or were the biggest names in Cameroonian urban music. There was a time when these two stars were on everybody’s lips, almost everyone wanted to give his opinion and the fans immediately formed camps and started trolling each other and even today Stanley Enow and Jovi are still a big dividing factor in the Cameroonian music industry. Hence we happen to wonder what a Jovi-Stanley Enow song
will look like and if they should even do it. Stanley Enow and Jovi have two different music styles, both in music and personalities, the two men seem to be in two different worlds.

Jovi is a big megalomaniac with well defined principles, such as his inclination to collaborate only with artistes from New Bell Music and these principles of his contribute a lot to his fan base and fame, people see Jovi as the man who will always say what he thinks and never compromise himself to fit in anywhere. So him collaborating with Stanley Enow might cause some to believe that he has departed from his usual style and as such it may harm the idealistic image his die-hard fans have of him.

In Stanley Enow’s case, he is probably the Cameroonian king of international collaborations, with artistes such Sarkodie, Davido, Olamide, Ice Prince and many others on his list of collaborators, him doing a song with Jovi might be interpreted by his fans as a step backwards, given his top notch video quality and sophisticated list of collaborations and of course there will be a great comparison on who did better on the song but if Jovi and Stanley Enow were to ever collaborate on a song or songs, it will be the biggest lesson of support in Cameroonian entertainment, it will also expose Cameroon as a country more given that Stanley Enow has great exposure out of the national territory.

It will also end the beef rumours which have endured for long without yielding any fruit, so a collaboration between the two men will be a tremendous demonstration of humility and the zeal to see growth in the industry, it will send a message to the younger ones that might consider beefing as a method to rise that collaborations can be sometimes better than confrontations after all united we stand divided we fall.

With all these said it is quite obvious that a Jovi-Stanley song will definitely raise a lot of dust.

Do you think it should happen? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Written by:

Emmanuel Asafor