It’s no news Stanley Enow has made it big since 2014 when he copped his first international award under the category for Best New Act during the MTV awards in South Africa. Ever since then, he has been signing one endorsement deal to another.
It all started with #MadeOfBlack by Guinness, then Samsung, Puma and now BICEC. All these deals coupled with shows world wide and album sales not forgetting his Motherland clothing has made  the Bayangi Boy’s bank account  to swell up over the years.

According to the website Stanley Enow has a networth of 0.3 million dollars. That’s a whooping sum of  approx. CFA169.000.000.

Below is an extract of the article and link for more info.

Stanley Enow’s Net Worth
Stanley Enow did voiceovers for advertising campaigns, worked at radio stations, hosted shows, created songs, did rapping, acted and did a lot of creative stuff that changed his life and bestowed him with a net worth of $0.3 million US dollars as of 2017.

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So tell us, what do you think? is the motherland empire rapper really worth that much? or its just a media scam?

-Victor Kange