The “Do Le Dab” hit maker Tenor who is now an entrepreneur, few days ago he took to his social media profiles to announce the creation of his own label call Ebanflang En Pire , he presented four youngsters whose names are yet to be known to the public as we know of none of their releases so far. He revealed that the label is co-directed by Bozeur of Ekie Bozeur Entertainment. He also portrayed a clothing brand called ANOFEL EST which he claims he has been working on since 2007 , he says the clothing brand represents the animal who kills to survive , the animal who wears the garment of an evil person for his personal good. According to Tenor that’s how life is, a big jungle.Well, we all might be very surprised given that in the later parts of 2017 Tenor reportedly signed a gigantic contract with UniversalStudios Africa , so does this mean he has bridged this contract if his ? Hopefully, we will discover that soon enough. Watch Out for Tenor’s EP coming soon titled NNom GUI.
Written By:
Emmanuel Asafor