It’s been a couple of years now that the Urban Music Scene has been picking up attention and gaining much love from Cameroonian fans who were soaked with Makossa, Bikutsi and other genres to the core. The New School artists as Many call them have been working hard and relentlessly trying to bring in a new vibe, a new style that will be celebrated for years. Being once one of Africa’s most biggest  Music Power House, Names Like Manu Dibango, Petit Pays, NDedi Eyango, Richard Bona  have left an international mark in the world when you talk of Cameroonian music out of Cameroon.

In recent years there has been a drift from this ideology. The Urban Music scene has been gaining much grounds and love from Home based artists in the Likes of Tenor, Maahlox, Mr Leo, Locko, Daphne, Salatiel etc.

Despite the hostile take over by the Urban Music, Promoters still havent been confident enough to have a show which is 100% Cameroonian as was the Case in the “Concert Des etoiles”
which was held on saturday the 3rd of February.

We have had numerous shows all of which have had Foreign artists Headlining(Davido, Wizkid, Yemi Alade…etc) with most of the Urban artists coming in as Back Up. It is even funny to mention that most of this shows were a flop, due to poor organization.

The Concert Des etoiles,  which was held on Saturday the 3rd in Yaounde, despite the Controversy that happened between Maahlox and Dynastie from all indication was indeed  an initiative  which Cameroonians need to support.


For many years we have been looking forward to Promoters organizing Shows Which is 100% Cameroonian. Rather than only focus on the Controversy, we should celebrate the organizers of the show and rather give them more support, because they are in the right direction and thats  what we want to see from more Cameroonian Promoters.

The Show had  5 Cameroonian artists Headlining Maahlox, Daphne, Mr Leo, Locko, Dynasty. With other back up from artist such as   Boy tag, KO-C etc.  Provided that the concert had about 3000 people  who were available from about 2pm till midnight i can confidently say the Event was a Success.

When we consider the fact that  the Event  had just about  a week  of promotion,  imagine how the public will support if it was promoted months before?. If we also imagine that the slight controversy and heated feud could be corrected imagine how the Public could be supportive if they all come together?.  Ofcourse just like everything in life, we learn from mistakes or flaws.  There were small issues that could be rectified such as Security, Probably a Press conference with the artists before the event to create a friendly environment, …etc.

PRO-PRODUCTIONS have proven to us that we can do it, as Cameroonians we should learn to concentrate on the positive side rather than the negative. Nevertheless from 3000 People, the next target should be 10,000 which i believe is very possible with enough Preparation and smooth Communication. Should we focus on  making more music and celebrate our own? or we should fight and make up?… Remember that NOBODY WINS WHEN THE FAMILY FEUDS.



Written By:

Emmanuel Mfon