Pascals long-awaited Work Dey 3 album was  finally released. Through the wait,  and social media antics we finally have what we’ve been waiting for all this time, and according to the internets, so far they’re digging it. Yung King was trending on Twitter and facebook shortly before Work Dey 3 was released. Homework one of the songs which was leaked some days before official album release got fans  commenting and enjoying most of the sick punchlines from this song, and was a perfect warm up song before the final package was unleashed. 30th of september when the album hit the web, it was raining sales. Some of the compiled impressions after the album release can be seen below. Twitter went especially wild.






The 14-track album offering  rapping appearances from Kanaa, Tris  Jovi is his first project release  since his EP’S Work Dey vol 1, and the prulude.  The album is very unique even the way the tracks are ordered. THe album starts with Go(Motivational song) and ends with Going out(Outtro). See below our track analysis.

Track Analysis

Go: His album starts with Go. Go  is a motivational song , he uses lines such as *I put God over everything first, and success is a slow process** to tell fans where his hope comes from, he also  encourages hardwork, that no matter what you are going through keep on pushing. when times are hard and you need some motivation Go is the track for you it is a resonant classic.

I no Kam fine: Pascal paints an improvement in his living standard in *I no kam fine* how he improved from the struggling life style some years back…*I look like man wey e di suffer eh, i look like man wey e di hear bad?*. I no kam produced by Le monstre has  a fine Mboko RnB feel to it. I no kam fine has an instinctual sense of rhythm and flow it shows that he  is basically  an artist that can talk about any subject matter and you’ll enjoy it.

Homework: The amount of punchlines released on this song alone needs a standing ovation and a round of applause. Pascal dissected this beat into pieces and finally put it ablaze, this song left competition in the mud. He rapped though  irresistibly wounded melodies, finding unlikely musicality in barked refrains about constantly ranking himself against his contemporaries, mulling over his legacy. From this track he burried competittion rumours for good…. *Competition no first dey* he said. The beat was produced by damm, and the beat is as sick as pascal’s flow.

Lome-yaounde:“Lome-yaounde” lays a Kanaa hook and a typically fraught rap style from Pascal. This collabo is the best on the album, Kanaa from Togo is an extra guest feature with a difference. *The song di chak pass first class flight*.

Mafor: Mafor is a Mboko rnb song, he throws a little shout out to the ladies here,  which is very sensational and deep. His message here can be summarized in one of his lines**Any woman with  fine fashion dey like mafor for me**.

Kana Kana:  Kana Kana was not new, it was released in his Volume 2 the prelude EP, this song is easily one of the Best songs in the album. The song is unique, he uses very easy and common slangs which majority can relate to. Jovi’s signature can be felt on the beat, *The song fine for some kana kana way**.

Miss Dem:  Mboko Classics back to back, Miss Dem is a cool touching that brings back memories about childhood friends, it brings back alot of memories. Miss Dem is a classic with a difference.

King Don Cam: The title says it all, we heard alot about King Kongs and Vultures, but in a nodeshell who is the King of the game? King Don Cam announces Pascal’s takeover. His first take sounds more like a warm up session, bars upon bars he switches from slow tempo to fast tempo with rap verses oozing out like a freshly cut wound. The amount of work he has put in as an artist was made clear, he just deleted his name permanently from the list of upcoming acts.  Mboko rap henceforth has been held hostage. it is what it is, you get what you give.

Makero: Makero all though too raw, still sounds dope to the ears. It’s a tripple feature Reniss and Jovi both added a nice juice to this track.

Yaounde- Librevvile: This song is a special Mboko rap classic  with a guest feature from Gabonese rapper Tris. Some old school lovers can easily vibe to this.

Ndolo-Vibes: Pascal reveals his soft side on Ndolo Vibes(Loves Vibes),Reniss and Pascal definitely are fantastic on love songs, it all started on Mango by Reniss. The message is heart warming and very meaningful.

No Waiting: No Waiting was on Work Dey Vol.1 , Pascal’s wordplay, sense of humor and compusure sets him on a standalone in the industry. No waiting expresses Pascal’s hunger for success and money…..his line*if you get my budget i need am now i nodi wait* sums it all. His flow was Merde!!

Douala Brazzavile ft Freddy Massamba: Fredy Massamba connects with Pascal again on this track. Bringing a new love story vibe with funny word play.  Freddy was great on this track.

Going Out: Going out is the last song and also  happens to be the outtro of the album, It represents him hustling in the streets.

The album in a whole is great and gets a review of 8.5/10 for a debut album. What the album lacked

  • Home based feature from an upcoming Cameroonian act/ Non New Bell Artist.
  • A little more songs produced by other beat makers(** for a 14 track album maybe 3-4)

The album can be purchased here —> Bandcamp  Feel free to Leave your reviews about the album below.