According to Google, Voice Tags aka Voice Overs or Voice Tags are short audio phrases or scripts used by music producers, DJ’s and videographers to protect their creative works and let their audience know who is responsible for their work.
Beat tags tend to spice up the songs, either in the beginning, after every verse or at the end of the song. Some beat tags do not really have great rhythm but some are polished by the artistes who uses their vocals to make them sound perfect. 237showbiz thought about bringing to you guys 10 interesting beat tags used by music producers from Cameroon that you need to know.

10. Ekie Bozeur!
Ekie Bozeur! Beat tag owned by Kamer music producer Ekie Bozeur is most often spiced up by the newly Universal Music signee Tenor Ebangflang. Many of you must have gotten this voice tag from Tenor’s first ever hit “Do Le Dab”. Although Ekie Bozeur does more of mixing and mastering of music such as Do Le Dab produced by Tenor, Bad things and Deranger ft Mani Bella. Mind you all these hits were produced by Ramzy. However, Ekie Bozeur has a few songs produced to his name such as Katie Marple’s Nous 2 c’est trop beau.

9. Jordan Eba’s (Ramzy!)
On our ninth spot is the great Ramzy who is known to have produced almost all hit songs of Tenor. Although you might not agree with the spot, I for one think the voice tag is well used by Tenor rather. “Ramm Ramzy Ram Ram eh Ramzy” it’s more like a hook someone can dance too when you listen to how Tenor voices it out in his deranger collaboration with Mani Bella.

8. I.V.O
Listen to Maahlox’s songs before his latest hit “Voici La Bosse” you’ll notice a female voice tag screaming IVO. IVO happens to be the former producer for Maahlox le vibeur until the fell apart. He is the brain behind hits such as “Ca sort comme ca sort, Tuer pour tuer etc. Now under the record label FastLife, he still makes the tag useful and on higher levels.

7. Salatiel on the beat!
Depending on the type of beat, artiste, and flow, the beat tag always changes. “Its Salatiel on this one, Salatiel on the beat etc This happens to be one of the most valuable beat tags you can get from Kamer music, rumour has it that his beats range from a whooping sum of 200.000 to 500.000 CFA. Well I know a few artistes who can pay for such because they are sure of the output they’ll get.

6. Akwandor
Sitting on our 6th spot is Alpha Better Music’s vocal highness as he’s fondly called Blaise B. Also a music producer for Akwandor music. If he’s not using Akwandor, he’s using Blaise B on the beat. “Akwandor” I’m so loving the way it sounds. Also, Blaise B is known for producing most of his hit songs and those of other artistes such as “Dinguo” by Blanche Bailly, I love you by Ko C ft Locko, and Laisse moi passer. There has been a lot of controversy if Akwandor actually produced Hiro’s latest track “Molo”. Listen to the audio, the voice tag wasn’t really voiced out like it would be done on a Mr. Leo song, well I for one heard it clean and clear.

5. Hmmmmm It’s PhillBill
On our 5th spot is the great Phill Bills Beats. With songs carrying his beat tag such as “Le gars la est laid”, Mimbayeur, etc, The female voiced tag has screwed its way to the higher heights of music production in Kamer music stepping on hits upon hits. Signed under Empire Music under the group Rythmz, the producer is also an artiste.

4. Dijay Kaaarl on the beat!
On our 4th spot is the very talented Dijay Karl’s beat tag, also a female voiced tag. Used on almost all of Skidi Boy’s songs, such as Nanga Mboko, Na 4 Yaounde. Etc.

3. Be Bea Beat Baller!
Who didn’t know this beat tag from the days of CoolKid Berka’s hit “Seriously”? Beatballer has one of the most outstanding beat tags I must confess, the manner in which it was created to sound is just unique. It doesn’t need to be modified by the artistes, it goes with almost all types of beats. To this tag you have songs attached to it like when I blow by Mic Monsta, Douala ft Coolkid and IVO etc.

2. Draeeee Boiiii!
Draeboii the female version, Draee Boiii! The male. This is a fine tag, it actually arranges the song, makes it a hit before you get to the lyrics, no doubt the beats are always hard as well, with my favorite track it was used on Ici Au Kamer by PIM Boys, the beat tag has stepped on many beats such as Ebako’s Versace.

1. SangTum!
You know the point in time when you throw a heavy stone into a pool, lake or pretty deep water body, there’s this sound it makes, “Toum!” This happens to be the beat tag for one of Kamer’s finest producers, DJ Pazzo aka SangTum! What makes this beat tag hard is that its appears almost anytime on a track. Hit songs with the tag include, Mukum by Kikoh, Ngoma’s Mangosi and Magasco’s Love it. I’ll pay pazzo double if I were to get a beat from him, not because he’s the very best, but because of his beat tag “SangTum!” What a profitable tune!

That was it for our top 10 beat tags. Do you have objections? Who deserved a better spot and why? Let us know what you think. The comment section is all yours.

– Victor Kange