There are a lot of reasons people fall in love when it comes to their favourite artistes. Some will go for the voice, others will go for the humility, delivery and genre of music the artiste has chosen. Many Kamer music fans will skip all these criteria and fall for the looks instead. brings you a countdown on the Top 5 Kamer most stylist  artists.

5. Tom kingue
A singer, songwriter, rapper based in France in the name of Tom Kingue is that crazy type of artistes who seem to be so confident with the way he looks! Well, his fans love it that way though. With a mixtape and a couple of Videos to his name. Kingue has proven to always got his swag and style right in all his Videos and on social Media.

4.   Mr Leo
Cameroon’s Hit Maker and Alpha Better Records Front Man Mr Leo, has scored it right when it comes to his swag, class and style. Eventhough he is in love with Timberlands, the Leading Pop star has proven  to always get people talking with his sense of fashion. The Jamais Jamais crooner who is often seen with Louise Fame Clothing Designs in his Videos

3.) Tzy Panchak

   It is often said that   “Looking good is good business ”  and   Blu Nation’s super star Tzy Panchak is definitely not sleeping on this statement. Anytime you hear the name Panchako /Panchak boy Just  know who to point at.  Tzy has proven time without number that he doesnt mess up with his Wardrobe. Being one of Kamer’s most talented Male singers, the Pop/Rnb star is not only charming the ladies with his voice, he is also using his looks, swag and Class to complete the package.  All his well put together package is enough reason why his female fans usually go crazy at his shows. Tzy is always Clean, well dressed, looking fresh and swagged up.

2)  Stanley Enow
Unarguably  Stanley is one of Kamer’s most finest male artistes, full of swag and style with a humble nature, many ladies are going crazy for, the Bayangi boy aka King Kong and Kamer’s very own hip hop boss, apart from his music, is also cherished because of his good looking nature(Swag, Neatsness and dressing style). Many can’t get enough of this pride of Kamer.

 1)  Numerica

Cameroon’s Finest Entertainer is what he calls himself. With over 223.000 followers on Facebook, Numerica can be described as one of those artistes who has 3 categories of fans and followers. They include; lovers of his music, haters of his voice and lovers of his looks. Still he is the man who gets all the buzz and the ladies crawling with his style. If you agree with me, I think one can say his stylist has a Phd in Fashion.

Do you agree with me? share your thoughts below.

Written by Victor Kange