Consistency and maintaining the spotlight in the Camer music industry has been very difficult for some Camer artistes. These are some of the qualities some of our Camer artistes lack. “Staying in the game” As many seem to disappear from the showbiz scene after a single track.
Although some manage to get one or two featuring, the songs barely get an A. decided to do a count down on the top 5 Kamer one hit wonders. Number 1 will shock you.

5. Rap Thug – I Get Nkong

“I get Nkong no be na mop” drawn from the hit track “I Get Nkong”, this line was on every lips in Cameroon especially those of the English speaking regions in the year 2015/2016.
Rap Thug Nation dropped this mind blowing track on the 29th 0f September 2015. The group of many artistes and their main man Rap Thug was the group of the year. However, they seem to have disappeared from the spotlight since they made themselves heard. Notwithstanding, they made their mark by the many t-shirts with the song title printed on it “I Get Nkong” which sold a fortune and was welcomed by many fans.

4. Paddy Foks – Lambo Love

This was one of the most anticipated songs ever since Camer music started going places. “Lambo Love”. This was mostly because, fans of the Schengen Black Movement artiste were curious to see if there was actually going to be a real Lamborghini in the music video. With the video launch at chariot hotel in June 2016 many fans were overwhelmed with the package unveiled to them although there was disappointment on the absence of a Lamborghini. Unfortunately, the Record Label and artiste have decided to watch behind the scenes. Do they seem to be coming in hard again?

3. Stanis LeDragon – Faux Weh

Produced by DJ K+, Fauh Weh by Stanis under record label Calabash by Wax Dey was a hit every Camer music lover would dance to. I for one watched the video almost every day after its release in July 2015. The song lyrics speaks on one of the social ills that goes around our nation since its creation. The fake lifestyle of many Cameroonians.
The blend of Pidgin English, French and English also polished the piece of art. However, Stanis disappeared and fans began to wonder if he had quit music. Fortunately,the Camer hip hop talent managed to feature on two other tracks, “4soiree and Independent” and also on Edi Ledrae’s 808 LOGS. Although fans still demand more from him.

2. PIM Boys – Ici Au Kamer

Sometimes the beat makes the song a hit, but in this case, the flow, beat and especially the video made it hotter. Produced by 808 Nation’s front man Edi Ledrae. Ici au Kamer by PIM Boys was that song that made French very easy as the chorus was in French but still on point. There, talent was discovered as we met the Ko-Cs, Dready Christ, Boxi, le Mbengis etc. Little did we know that was the beginning and the end of the PIM Boys era, as the group fell off right after that amazing track and video directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens. Fortunately for some like Ko-C and Dready, they are still proving it till date.

1. Banye aka DonBansoMan – Chorkoh

‘’ I show ma dros swagger ‘’
‘’I Burst ma ear nyanga’’
‘’I smoke ma thing banga”

This was one time a hit, a hilarious track that made waves at the time of its release. Chorkoh by Banye was on the repeat of almost every Camer music lover in the North West most especially and all over the territory. I wouldn’t be surprised if it crossed boundaries that year. Till today, many still wonder why this talented singer from the North West has been in the hiding. We need more hits from you sir. Step up your game.
Well if these artistes can make waves and disappear for a while, they should at least stay connected with their fans. Most of them are not even active on their social media pages and most of their fans have already give up on them. We wish them the best in the parts they’ve chosen.
Victor Kange