Its a normal routine or tradition for successful persons, celebrities to always give back to charity and the needy. Although not obligatory, but such philanthropists are very much appreciated all over the world today.
In our world of music entertainment, Blu Nation’s blessed soldier Tzy Panchak joins Motherland’s Stanley Enow, Alpha Better’s Mr. Leo and Chef Ali in the chain of philanthropy as he tries to raise funds to help little Ngufak Elvis. A baby suffering from an illness called Hydrocephalus. With his kind heart, Tzy Panchak visited the poor boy and his mum after one of his concerts and provided the baby’s phone number for anyone trying to lend a hand. It doesn’t matter how small. Mind y’all, little drops make an ocean. You can contact Ngufak Elvis’ mum through this number.  +237653987738.

So far some contributions were made and the boy is doing fine. It is never too late to support now. God Bless you Tzy. Kamer is proud of your kind.
– Victor Kange