The name VOC is not new to the Camer music industry. Whenever VOC releases a new single, there’s always controversy in the atmosphere. Off his debut album ”FIRST BORN’‘ the US based Cameroonian rapper  released a freestyle track titled ”Who be King’‘. In this less than 2 minutes piece, the rapper comes after Camer’s two top music icons Stanley Enow and Jovi.

According to VOC, when Stanley Enow released ”Hein Père” and Jovi released ”Met l’argent a terre” there was a lot of comparison between the two and by their fans as well. As the rap game kept growing larger and bigger, other rappers such as Mic Monsta, Crispy, Ngoma, Franko, Krotal, and Blueprint Hakeem emerged and the throne kept getting smaller for the Camer’s rap god.

According to VOC, instead of fans and the said artistes comparing and fighting over who is Camer’s rap god, they should apply the real #HoldHandMovement theory and support each other so that the music industry can move forward. First Born is one album you need to purchase and listen to real rap from Cameroon.

You can stream VOC’S album in the link below. —>

– Victor Kange

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