Cameroon entertainment has found a new love in the Benin star Fanicko. It all started with a Mr Leo collaboration in 2017 which saw the birth of the song “J’suis moi comme ca”. Later we all danced to a collabo by the Benin superstar with both Daphne and MinksFrom there we have witness almost an exponential increase in the regularity of Fanicko on Cameroonian projects.

His latest verse on Ko-C’s Sango is also the perfect ingredient which made the song a sweeter melody.

Is this a way by Cameroonian artistes to conquer the Benin music market? With a population of about 12million inhabitants, Benin is a country which has had its own share of trouble and as such their music is not very much present on the international level making of them a good territory to conquer.

Meanwhile they have Fanicko who is arguably the only internationally recognized Benin urban music act. He has several hits to his name and has won the hearts of many music fans on the African continent especially in Francophone Africa, Cameroon inclusive. As such in an attempt to penetrate Benin and present Cameroonian music to them there is definitely no better candidate with whom to achieve that other than Fanicko and that alone might be enough to explain the sudden affinity between Fanicko and Cameroonian artistes. What do you think about this?

Are Cameroonian artistes setting to conquer Benin using Fanicko or is he seeking to conquer the Cameroonian music scene using our very own urban acts? Which music industry benefits more from Fanicko’s frequent collaboration with Cameroonian artistes? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.