We have studied this particular debate for quite a long time now, wrote down the different opinions of both promoters and artistes and I decided to take upon the initiative to explain to you guys why it will always be a hundred times preferable to hire bloggers and promoters to do a task for you rather than paying Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

To begin with, bloggers will always do a great job because each of them will have different points to touch on the song, EP or album. Different views not only from them but their followers as well. Imagine getting 5 to 10 bloggers or promoters to hype your music, each blogger brings in their various strategies they’ll need to penetrate the minds if their followers and bring the music to their ears whereas a sponsored download link or music video on YouTube is channelled to a particular location, majority will be that of your fan base. If its a weak fan base then you are waiting not only money but killing the vibe if the song cause it dies down as time goes on. Hence, in my opinion fans wouldn’t really interact with your sponsored posts or link.

Many at times, I’ve seen artistes posting on their platforms that they can’t go the extreme to pay bloggers for promo, it’s a waste of resources and they at times add that bloggers only copy and paste the links of their music in groups then beat their chest for a job well done. They conclude that it’s something they can do themselves so rather than paying bloggers, they’ll rather pay Facebook or IG. It’s OK to pay these platforms and be fooled by the numerous ”Likes” and comments, mind you, some people just click ”Like” on sponsored posts just to make it disappear from their news feed especially if its really boring.

Another reason you should pay bloggers is because if the difference in fan base and posts timing per blogger. Every blogger has followers from around the globe with difference in taste and appreciation of talent, bloggers will introduce you the artiste to their fans and they automatically become your fans especially if your music is good and easy to relate to.

Talking about timing, an ad on Facebook will run till its expiry date then disappear but did you know it will also disappear from your news feed once a user reacts to it? Sponsoring posts online is a wrong choice for every upcoming artiste especially those who are new into the game. You need to create a relationship with the supporters first, then when the music starts making them nod their heads, you get bloggers to do the job.

In conclusion, I am not against artistes sponsoring their posts on social media. This is very necessary only when you’ve worked over the years to build a very active and interactive fan base. Till then, PAY BLOGGERS!

Kindly drop your views lets discuss about this issue.

Victor Kange