Over the years and months since Cameroonians really got engaged in urban music, many fans and music lovers have been coming to us asking for the wordings of songs by their favorite artistes. It’s embarrassing when you really love and feel like singing a song but you just can’t find the right words.

Song lyrics are very much necessary to be made available online. I think it’s also some kind of promotion. You as an artiste don’t want to have fans who can’t sing your song right, do you? The only site putting in their best to provide lyrics by Cameroonian artistes is www.kamerlyrics.com. I’m guessing they actually listen to these songs and write down the lyrics themselves for most cases.

A rare case are songs sang in the vernacular. The lyrics should be made available and translated. For example, Mr. Leo’s Pray, Tata Paul’s Banekeh etc.

We are aware one of our goals is to take over other entertainment industries. If we want to give testimonies tomorrow, let’s act right now!


Victor Kange