Is it true that a prophet is never accepted in his own land? The biblical assertion of this fact seems to be proving true in an uncanny way that will expose a very funny situation in Cameroonian entertainment.

A lot of emphasis has been laid on mutual support of Cameroonians by Cameroonians this year. But the efforts have not yielded much as we will be seeing. Zinnia, who is a gifted Cameroonian vocalist with cutting edge talent who dropped her single “Overload” earlier this year while still being resident in Cameroon. Of course blogs like 237showbiz made sure it is available for Cameroonians to savour and so for free. But we are yet to hear it anywhere. But meanwhile that very song is making mad waves on the island where she resides. “Overload” is currently ranked 1st on ITunes ahead of an Ariana Grande song and a Selena Gomez song.

 This should be evident of the fact that this song is of great quality but in Cameroon it isn’t just a thing. Could there be any reason for this, what could cause a song to “blow” abroad but not at home? Drop your thoughts on this in the comment section.