I know many of you may be wondering what this is all about. Others must have already started “Google Searching” the word Strange Kings and it’s relationship with 100.000.000CFA. Well, this is going to be one of the shortest write ups we’ve written so far, this is because we just want to quickly remind our followers and the above mentioned former Record Label of both Benzil and Pascal Yung King.

It is clear Pascal left the Label long time ago and as for reggae artistes Benzil, The last we heard about him was that he had gotten into business and thereby putting music on hold till Lord knows when. “Too much talent in one body” so his fans keep weeping every time his name is mentioned on social media.

Some few weeks after Pascal left the Record Label Strange Kings, the Label took to their official Facebook page to make the statement you shall find in the screenshot below.

We all pray to have bigger investors pump in funds into our infant industry and make the best out of it. That’s why we are raising up this issue and we are tabling down the following questions;

Will the label still spend 100.000.000CFA on the heads of their artistes in collaboration with Hit54 Studios as they promised to spend?

Or rather will the label consider 2018 a failed here and plan for 2019?

– Apart from WAZIH, Who is (are) the lucky artistes?

We are asking these questions because several months have passed and still nothing to show for it. When it comes to studios in the country, they have one of the best modern studios you can ever find. The studio Hit54 Studios have opened its doors to top celebrities and musical legends such as former Cameroon international footballer Samuel Eto’o and Charlotte Dipanda respectively, we are just listing a few here.

So over to you guys. Dear 237Showbees, the floor is yours tell us what you think!

In other news, still with Strange Kings though, their Artiste, Wazih has been nominated at the 2018 AFRIMA Awards in Ghana in Best Male Artiste In African Inspirational Music the category. Let’s support the singer

Victor Kange