For our new followers who are just joining in, let me use this opportunity to brief you guys about the competition. Last year, launched a music competition and we had close to 40 participants. With cash prize of CFA 50.000 and full sponsorship and promotion of the winner’s first official single. Upcoming rapper Fairylee Mboa emerged victorious and has a package for you guys.

So for a while now, the youngster has been working hard to bring out good music for your listening pleasure and proof that we kept to our promise.

Well good news is his debut single titled I Go Makam (On Va Le Faire) is ready to drop anytime from now. We believe he made some friends and lovers of his music during the competition and you guys must be excited to see and hear what he’s brought out. One thing I can assure you guys is good music. 50.000F or part of it well spent.

Anticipate Fairylee Mboa – I Go Makam dropping soon. The song was produced by Fury and Large Pro.

Victor Kange