Mic Monsta delivers A spectacular Live perfomance at the Douala Hip Hop festival 2017

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Mic Monsta Quits Kreef Ent. To start his own Record Label Kwata Music

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Video + Download: Yung Time ft Mic Monsta X Coolkid Berka – Tu Me Know

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Download: Mr Biggs ft Mic Monsta – LANGSA MAN

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Mic Monsta ft Dready Christ – Freedom of Speech Lyrics

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InterView: What inspired your song Blow on your EP? Do you feel like you have blown yet? Mic Monsta replies

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Download: The Mic Monsta EP(Tracklist + Cover art + Songs)

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Video + Download: Mic Monsta – Freedom Of Speech ft Dready Christ

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Download: Mic Monsta – Random Thoughts Freestyle Part 1

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Mic Monsta – Biography

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