237Showbiz.com  together with Cameroonian Producer extraordinaire MrMccoy  AKA Mccoy the Wild Ass Producer officially Launch the 237Showbiz Freestyle Session. 237Showbiz Freestyle Session  is a series that will be hosted by us, and each series will have a new beat for Artist to do freestyles that we will Post on our Social media Platforms.

From time to time, you will get your favorite celebrities jumping in to excite you with sick punchlines. We are hoping that through this series we can get to discover a lot of talented acts out there.

Rules To Follow:

What do you need to do?

  • Download beat on 237showbiz.com
  • Record  a Video Freestyling on the beat or Record a freestyle and do a video.
  • Send the Recorded Video to info@237showbiz.com. Once we Receive it, we will Upload on our Social Media Pages. Lets have Fun

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