B Trunk Nforsooh cover art 1

B Trunk Nforsooh a  stunning singer, song writer and choreographer artistically fussed together drops new audio titled Love Dance . The self model who prefers people to look at his artistic skills rather than His modelling spice, Just released  a new single titled love Dance after the success of his debut song titled Ma Cherie. Love dance is an Afro pop club banger which is emotional and heart warming. In this track he  celebrates and pays homage to ladies who stood and  stayed fateful to their man in times of hardship. He quotes ” Greater is the woman who stands by her man when things are rough for she will surely reap and  dance the dance of Love when things flourish”
B Trunk with his patriotic Love brings this song as spicy and hot ingredient to add to the Cameroon music industry in which Africa and the world as a whole would be proud of his beautiful magical piece of art.  The Musical bomb has been released let the world feel the impact. Enjoy and leave a comment below.