Finally BN Qure releases his long awaited tune ATM (about the money) Which had so much controversy. Some fans during the anticipation of this song referred to ATM as “at the moment” While others had it rightly as About the money

ATM which is the abbreviation of About the money, is a love song in which the young Artist recounts his unfortunate encounter with a lady he happened to have fallen in love with. In the song, BN Qure explains with ”dance-able” melody that this lady is all about the money and won’t settle for anything less.

If you are a lover and supporter of Camer music, then this tune is a MUST LISTEN .

ATM (about the money) is composed and performed by BN QURE,
Produced by LARGE PRO

For more info:
+237 683796143
Facebook: BN Qure sevidzem

Instagram: @bnqure_official

Twitter: bnqure_official