Dude came out with that overseas flex that was so convincing it worked almost to his advantage on his first official EP.  Dallas based rapper Gaëlo invites home based rapper Tilla signed to her own label God mother sounds on the 9th track of  This is Gaëlo EP titled World Without End. This single proves that Gaëlo ‘s Penn game and rhymes are worth a listen, the God Mother goes in first and  starts her flow  with a killer punchline such as….”  Competition your Career’s dead”..  You know who this line is for right? if you don’t, i do!  It’s  just a middle finger to you a Tilla Hater, you want beef? she’ll squash it on the table and cut the loose ends, the Queen of the Tilla army was super impressive with her flow and delivery.  Then just when i thought i had enough, wooooh! Gaëlo hops in,  takes over and runs up back and forth on the beat like its a lyrical romance.. he tells his haters “Anything wuna do wuna nofit stop me” i was born to do this…I own a label, i can rap and produce myself that’s a major key alert. Gaëlo and Tilla use Pidgin english AKA Mboko to give this sound a unique feel.  Listen , Download, drop your reviews and sing along with the lyrics below.


Tilla’s verse:
Competition your career’s dead
New hair but they di still tangle on ma old dreads
Was done moving back n forth with ma old friends
So I squashed the beef on the table and cut the loose ends
Excuse me, who be you, you be who sef?
Am just tryna focus on making ma people some mo Ms
Take ma remeh from Bamenda to where the world ends
Call Mercedes on the phone, tell her I need a white Benz
Am the queen of the Tilla army
Ever dey ready for attack oh boy they no fit harm me
Black Mona Lisa gyal African barbie
Odeyshi odeyshi they no fit harm me
Born hustler I’ve always been ma own boss
I always win I never loose no matter the cost
I got a HUGE appetite for some rapper sauce
Am a legend if they taking shots at me for thee applauds. Mboko!

Ehh?.. Anyha they do they no fit stop me
See them, see them
chain paysan jus di run mop
Ehh?.. why?
Looking at the team so bossed up
Huh.. well,
Anyha they do they no fit stop me

Gaëlo verse:
Anyha they do they no fit stop me
Gaëlo heading to the moni
A hater on my path I di jam yi
you will not make out alive bitch
Everyday, man dey for yer di bollo
See how de thing don di show bro
U try for touch ma tin, I di off ya lights
lil boy, see perika, u don di collo?
while some men they put in real work
Then they get what they’re really worth
U, you dey for dey jor di sleep nor?
Champions of fakeness for Facebook
Left to me I’ll change the name to fakebook
See u dey u think say u di fool who?
Tsuip, f#ck outta ma face dude!

Gaëlo verse 2:
Oh Now I’m riding on this beat ..
I’m bout to take over these streets ..
Chaii chaii!..
Now we on The GO..
Pocket don di fat only nkap
Flop for the thing I gotta ball out
World without end till the whole team ball hard
Obviously ya boy just di work hard
Buea na ma zone do not f#ck around
Stay for ya zone do not cross bounds
Ma shootas are ready to bust rounds
Like Bibixy I do not back down