Cameroonian Rapper Ndimofor Pascal  after listening to Salatiel’s freestyle just couldnt hold his breath. The rapper signed to Strangekings had to go to facebook to express his  love for the freestyle and an open interest on wanting to drop some 16′ s on the I am Salatiel Freestyle. He wrote and i quote ” Sweet Jesus!!  We gotta talk bro. Salatiel Sala’a
U have to let me jump on this. ???“, and just as one would have expected from a Big bro in the Biz, Salatiel had a quick and positive reply in the comment section Consider it done .  For now all what  we need to do is chill, have some pop corn and wait for Yung King to do what he loves doing best. what do you think about this two on a track? Kindly leave a comment behind.