Gaëlo   goes deep on track 5  titled Our own featuring thug B as he tackles a lot of problems currently going on in the Cameroon music industry.  He hits hard at issues that are holding us back in the 237showbiz  atmosphere despite all the great artists we have.  He makes some remarkable points as he  says the industry needs more support from fans,  how we need more collabos between artists, and how we need promoters and bloggers to focus more on promoting our music rather than foreign music. He did show us how deep his penn game is with this line  in his chorus “All man di play game, but only the best, will prevail, Copy and paste no di work, but copy, modify and paste fit pay”.  Should anyone be a critic even though they don’t know how to make music? Thug B is asking as he brings in an impressive wordplay to make this song a must listen. enjoy, download & share your thoughts below.

Our Own (Lyrics)

Gaëlo Verse 1:

I do not care what nobody says, it’s Kamer to the finish

I’m repping this b#tch- it’s like I dey music Olympics

oh boy gage ma maillot

it’s green red yellow with a star in the middle

Buea boy and that is my zone

As the star shines, let us shine the light on our art

I see a bright future, let us do this thing with our hearts

Push thru the storms, and get to the highest heights

it’s a collective effort, we do need determined minds

Talent flop the whole payee- keep your eyes on the streets

With an open mind I bet u, u go wash foot for di streets

All tin dey bwam, coast clear, product dey ok

The only thing lacking is for us to push it forward

Ahead ahead, na so we go di go

Small small watch how wa showbiz di grow

More professional, more lucrative

If u ask me? oh boy I’m too ready


For this business, possibilities they flop soteh

All man di play game, but only the best, will prevail

Copy and paste no di work, but copy, modify and paste fit pay

All man di play this game but only the best will prevail

Gaëlo Verse 2:

You Dj, you sponsor, you radio stations

You promoters, you fans, and even TV stations

Na wona job to promote us and sell us to the people

Expose our art and our culture to the people

Who relate to it the most, f#*k that foreign sh!T

Mboa na wa zone priority shud be our own sh!t

How do u think they got big?

When was the last time you heard them play our zik, why do we still adore their music?

I’m not saying their stuff is trash, matter of fact it’s so nice

And I do realize we learn from them no be lie

Na them di set the trends and the standards that we all follow

Let us gain their knowledge and incorporate it with our own

And come up with a style – that is known to us

Sh!T make them others – admire our style too much

Now wa industry will grow wide and the doe will grow big

It’s Gaëlo I’m signing out for while


Thug B Verse:

Anybody is a critic, but don’t know how to make music

I think, most of them have tried music

Bloggers and stations asking me to pay for airplay

But playing foreign music should I ask how much they paid

Everybody wants to be king, we don’t know where the throne is

Unity is a myth, let’s try it men at least

Yesterday I called an artist telling him I wish to feature

He said, call my manager they never see the feature

You nova go any place, but highing like na garri

Even me I don di high sef wit notin na you sabi

Looking for record deals but can’t deal to make a record

See, you had a shine with your first record

The sound is broke, the video tell na different story

No talk about Facebook, that one na different story

The strong will stand, the weak will fall the rich will ball

Huh, anyha Camer must stand tall