Alpha Better Records Super star Mr Leo connects back to his roots as he releases a soul touching new single titled Amen. After receiving a lot of critics from his fans from his last 3 singles which have all received average reactions from fans and critics, the talented and versatile singer who is still looking for his 2019 HIT , decided to connect with his roots as he expresses his thought’s in this new single Amen.  This song comes as an immediate reaction from the singer as a review recently made on 237Showbiz about the singers career, made fans to complain about how the singer has forgoten his roots since he made it big in music. Most of his anglophone fans voiced out their opinions about his more than 90 % french lyrics in his music. In Amen, Mr leo  blends different languages he is blessed with (Lamnso, French and English ) to  make this piece worth listening to.  He reminds his fans that showbiz might have propelled his career in a different direction, but assures them he can never forget the fact that he is from Bamenda and was born and raised in Buea. Enjoy and download on 237Showbiz.