Cameroonian Rapper Trongpikin is one of the rappers of the new Urban generation that you have to keep your eye on. The Buea-based sound smith although being solo has delivered a quite impressive first project that deserves some credit.

The Conscious EP is a bold new project from him.  This EP is a Complete Rap Project made up of 6 tracks which Trongpikin put together with very solid and captivating lines, but without deviating too far from the edgy sounds and dingy vibes that listeners of his own music have come to know and love.

In 2017 if you are talking about rap projects, and dont metion the Conscious EP, then sorry you are irrelevant. Just like his name insinuates TrongPikin, is definitely a “trongpikin”. The Rapper Delivers a  quirky flow flirting constantly with the Pidgin language to give his Project a Mboko identity.

Apart from his confidence, Trongpikin  ensures he doesn’t bore you with wordplays and punchlines like many Cameroonian rappers love to do now. His bars are easy and straight.

5 tracks were produced by Trongpikin, with an extra one produced by fury.  Trongpikin juist delivers real life stories in terms of rap bars. His relationship(Any Kinda Bae), the industry (Naked) ,Confidence(Born Ready)  and it goes on with every song.

TrongPikin is unique and talented to mark his own lane in the game. Is he great? We will have to see about that. Is he good? There is no question about that.


EP Rating- 7/10

Enjoy, Download and leave your comments behind.

Written by:

Emmanuel Mfon.

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