We hooked up with Cameroonian Rapper Stanley Enow, and we had some Questions for the  Multi Award Winning Super star and a person many young artists look up to. This is how it went down.

237Showbiz: The name Stanley Enow is well recognized worldwide, many people know you already. However some will only discover you when they see this Interview. Who will you describe to them is Stanley Enow? 

SE: My real names are STANLEY EBAI ENOW. I am a graduate in business journalism. I am an artist and business man as well as a person with a very ambitious mind.

237Showbiz: I’ve been on your pages countless number of times, the rate of negative energy poured on you daily is alarming, still you handle all with smiles and humble replies. You can’t tell us you’re not bothered. How do you handle all that?

SE: I don’t see that as hate, on the contrary I see it as genuine love. If people don’t love you as much they won’t mind what you do. I think people criticise those whom they lay so much hopes on to enable them make possible amends to better represent their interest.

237Showbiz: You’ve worked with world class rappers and singers. For example, Mr. Eazi, Ice Prince AKA etc we’re waiting to listen to you with Davido and also South Africa’s Casper Nyovest. These international collabos has brought upon alot of success for you. Don’t you think it’s time you come home, pick up young talents and do many featuring? International collabos seems to be easy for you, why not make it easy for Camer upcoming artistes? 

SE: I have done many music collaborations with my fellow Cameroonian artists and colleagues such as Montess, Ebako, B Spanner, Nab Cis, Duc Z, Gasha, Daphne with many more still to come. I will keep extending a hand to my people the most I can.

237Showbiz: Music is business. All these international collabos, do you pay for them? 

SE: Neither them nor me pay each other for musical collaborations. We are birds of the same feather. All other A Listers in the domain of entertainment have respect for what I do. The respect is mutual. We represent good business opportunities for each other.

237Showbiz: We know Charlotte Dipanda has been your crush since day 1. Let’s say you were to replace her, which Camer celebrity will you like to take on a date ?

SE: My ChaCha is irreplaceable. She is one of a kind. I love her genuinely, God willing she will become my wife *laughs*

237Showbiz: Rumour has it that Motherland Clothing has been sold. Can you confirm this? And also why has Motherland Empire not signed any other act since it’s creation after More than 6 years in existence?

SE: False. We have 100% ownership of Motherland Clothing. We plan on signing young and emerging talent when the time is right. I know people are impatiently waiting for that, it shall happen. There is time for everything.

237Showbiz: Some of your fans, your haters and even people who know nothing about music say that you can’t sing. They even add that your music is thrash, but you have a business mind plus you’re smart that’s what pushes you high. Can you say otherwise? 

SE: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. No human to my knowledge has ever been unanimously acclaimed. Even the legendary Michael Jackson, Tupac, Nas etc had their detractors. Same applied to Barack Obama etc. It’s okay for some people to have such thoughts. My team and I focus on positive inputs. Many people say I am the best of my nation and of my generation. Everyone has his or her feeling about my art. I am focused on making the people that love me happy not to be the best or whatsoever.

237Showbiz: Every artiste on our platform gives their opinion on this particular topic “Too much French by anglophone artistes seems to be the order of the day” Tell us if you think there must be French in the lyrics of anglophone artistes?

SE: I cannot dish out what my fellow colleagues ought to do or not do, it is entirely up to them to put whatever they choose to put in their lyrics. At the end of the day, everyone has an objective for their careers and everyone can see what local demands are.


237Showbiz: Camer has millions of talents. Rappers, producers, beat makers and directors you know about. Pick out 2 Rappers, 3 Producers and 1 Director you’ve never worked with and will like to work with? 

SE: There are many talents out there I hope to work with someday.

237Showbiz: What do you have to say to those who think you have been switching from being a Hardcore rap artist to softcore music…like the adore you’s, Follow me?

SE: I am an artist, I can be versatile.

237Showbiz: Hein Pere amoungst your songs has had the most success, Do you think you will have another song as big as Hein Pere?

SE: The public decides not the artist.

237Showbiz: As a Succesfull rapper in the Industry, will you say rap pays well in Cameroon?. If no why?and how do you make money off your craft.

SE: Music in general in Cameroon besides rap is increasingly receiving more attention, glory be to God Almighty. Artists are increasingly monetising their art and I believe things will certainly get better over time.

237Showbiz: You have said a couple of times in Interviews, that your second album is almost done. When will you be releasing it and do you have collabo’s with home based artist?

SE: As soon as it is ready, we will release more details.

Thank you 237Showbiz for speaking to me and keep up the good work!..


Watch Stanley‘s latest single titled Caramel below, and kindly leave your comments behind.

Interviewed by_:

Emmanuel Mfon & Victor Kange