Video director and filmmaker Dr Nkeng Stephens has reacted to the online accusations channeled towards him. In a private conversation with Team 237Showbiz, Dr Nkeng Stephens disclosed to us exclusively saying he doesn’t know who the singer Veruska is, never has he shot a video for her before. He added that when the talks began circulating on social media, he went ahead to search who the singer was thinking maybe he had worked with her before and it skipped his memory. But even her image didn’t ring a bell.

Notwithstanding, the video director concluded saying Empire Company’s head honcho Pit Bacardi sent him a song of Veruska some years back which they never succeeded in shooting.

If you are new to this story, Cameroonian singer Veruska who is currently flying the Cameroonian falg high at The Voice France has accused Dr Nkeng Stephens for failing to deliver a paid video project allegedly financed by French singer Singuila. Talks on social media also have it their way that due to Dr Nkeng’s incompetence, Singuila has abandoned the said project.

Digest this and tell us what you make out of it. We shall be bringing you more stories and reactions that pop up pretty soon.

Victor Kange

(The Industry)