Watch WAKE UP by Aline Snuff ft Oji


YEMAPROD  and its founder Arthur LOCKO SAMBA, Wishes to inform you on the release of the project titled WAKE UP, because culture is you and the culture is all, culture is our culture YEMAPROD singer Oji invites one of the most prominent Cameroonian dancers ALINE SNUFF, offering a  new vision music video and project entitled WAKE UP. For the first time in Cameroon, a featuring between an artist and a dancer, the goal is to enhance the values of the traditional dance culture of our country Cameroon. In this project, our artists in performance embodied a love story of 5000 years old between a PHARAOH and his QUEEN. While preserving the originality of Ancient Egypt, the traditional dances of Cameroon, all in a momentum of modernism. Enjoy, Download and leave a comment behind.