Its Deep into the year  2017 and the excitement still prevails , artists have been stepping up on all genres .Fans would definitely be delighted  with  intriguing videos by their favorite artists  so far and certainly yearn for more.We took the time to sieve through several dozens of video releases to which would make our pick for the month of April, albeit a selection dilemma. 237Showbiz lines out  the Top ten videos countdown for April 2017.


10. CboyzNo Time to waste 

Us based Cboyz  are playing their part to bring generational changes, uplifting  minds and souls through their music. The song  “No time to waste “carries an educative and emotional appeal urging kids to keep their dreams afloat. The video is remarkable with perfect scenes  which enlightens and carries their message all the way. The song was produced by Stephen Helvig and directed by Francis Sampah.



9.Numerica- Tu peux pas

Numerica brings his signature style , an artistic mixture of afro-pop blended with makossa . This song is dance-able with a high tempo with a pleasant choreography and appealing visuals .If there is something Numerica lacks , it is definitely not continuity.


8. Prince P ft Khiry managan

Prince P , Us based Cameroonian  artist featured Khiry Managan in his first single “Rythm”.  This is nothing but a sublime way to make a first single with a mind blowing video . The  music is a fully loaded package from the music to the video with extra-ordinary scenery , delightful piece of music to watch and enjoy . Video directed by Mt.Muna , what a way to introduce a first single.


7.Blaise BFront and back

Months after  “Clando ” video was released Blaise B presents an intriguing  afro-pop video “Front and back“,  an electric banger with mesmerizing visuals  worth enjoying every bit of  it. Directed By Dr Nkeng  Stephens  expectations will always be high for the best possible video to match an even better song.


6.AskiaMa valeur

Signed to a new label Apha Beta records Askia seemingly has to keep up with the standards  of label mates Mr Leo and Salatiel  Her first single “Ma valeur”  portrays  her style and dynamic music attitude .The music video directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens and produced by Salatiel.


5.DJ Mathematic Ft J Kenss- Mouf

New bell’s newest acquisition is already playing his role with yet another music release “Mouf” featuring J.Kenss .One thing is for sure Dj mathemathic is as Classy as ever , this classic  video says it all.This video was directed by Macro and produced by  Dj Mathematic.


4.Nami -Nami Cyrus ft Pit BaccardiDreams

Nami- nami Cyrus first release for  his new label  EMPIRE COMPANY came with a feature with the label boss Pit Baccardi. The  visual carries a brief storyline shot in the ghetto which brings more meaning to the music, directed by Ns Pictures.


3.Shan’l ft Magasco- Love it

Magasco drift to an unusual territory featuring with Gabonesse  dance hall queen Shan’l . Well all territory is Magasco‘s , dance hall might be a nuance but he certainly leaved up to it . Ofcourse, Magasco  is and  incredible talent  and this piece simply explains itself  coupled with a brilliant and catchy video .


2.Mr LeoC’est Faux

Cameroon’s hottest arttist at the moment Mr Leo continued to impress fans as he unleashed the visuals to his single C’est Faux.  Eventhough the song wasnt much of a big deal as Jamais Jamais  & E go better, it still had what it takes to stand out amoungst other videos/songs released from the country in April.


1.Locko Thank You Lord

One of Cameroon’s dopest Artist Locko…AKA Yema took fans by storm after he released the visuals for  Thank You Lord. Locko in this piece thanked God for saving him from an accident that almost claimed his life.Thank you lord was released on the last day of the month but had what it takes to displace every other release.

What are your thoughts about our top ten?  Leave your comments below.