Hate is a very strong word. Hating on a person and on a public figure might be two different feelings. Fans tend to hate celebrities and public figures for one reason to another. For instance, hating on an entertainer because they wear too much make-up or better still because they dress poorly everyday every time. With the Camer music entertainment world, people hate for dumb and funny reasons. However, we’re happy it’s the attitude they hate on and not the individual. On this segment of our countdown, we try to bring to you a countdown of the top 5 Kamer artiste with the most haters and why..

5. Wax Dey

Wax DEy
CEO / founder of the record label Calabash and newly signed luquluqu Ambassador takes the fifth spot ”au calme” With efforts to build the industry and foster its growth. Wax Dey keeps doing more and more but at the end of the day, people still hate. Some fans go as far as saying he can’t sing and should quit music. They throw so much shade at the Bonteh Digital Media Awards Ambassador. Fans also say his collabos  with Yemi Alade and Mr. Leo didn’t yield any fruit and that he’s fond of buying awards and YouTube views. Well I think this is too much hate for one who is
a fellow compatriot doing something big for our nation.

4. Montess

2017 Afrima winner Montess aka Queenkong received instant haters after she was declared the victor over Daphne, Reniss on the same category. Not only did fans show their ”true true colours” but fellow artistes, producers and video directors did.  The level of hate boosted like bought YouTube views  lasted for almost 2 weeks on the internet. However, we’re over with that now, so she takes our 4th spot.

3. Jovi

Many will prefer Jovi to sit on the fifth spot on this list,  but I believe he is more popular than Wax Dey. The more you grow, the more they hate. A lot of Jovi haters don’t hate him as a person, they are in total disagreement with either his video quality, his explicit content and bad language in lyrics, his rampant attacks on twitter and the fact that he does not do shows, tours and concerts often. Many also don’t like him because he smokes weed. However, others tend to ignore that and go for the music. Besides most of them are served free for downloads like here on our site.

2. Stanley Enow

stanley enow 3
Motherland boss and hein pere hit maker has quite a good number of haters. From those who hate the fact that he can’t reproduce something big like ”Hein Père” to those who say he now sings. Everyone just keep giving their views. His haters fan base grew lately when fans noticed he now sings instead of rapping. Also, he is more of the collaboration type now, looking for big artistes to make his songs popular. Well if it works for him, why are you guys hating?. The Peak of when stanley had hate poured on him was during his Interview at the C’Comment show some years back, where he lost his temper after he was asked provocative questions by Comedian “kalagan”.

1. Askia

Askia, Alpha Better Records queen mother tops our chart today. Fans can’t stand her wild facial make-up and  Badass wannebe style and dressing, others hate her attitude and guts towards fans. She is fond of insulting fans on her social media pages every time and blocking them almost at every slight chance she gets. Also, her skin colour is another aspect that grows her haters. They hate her for bleaching her skin and actually proud enough to say she’s happy with her actions. Well some of us are interested only in the music and the fun it brings. However, as stars, you should already have known that such shade, hate and articles will come your way. Some fans have nicknamed her “The Angry Bird”. I really think, Her Manager and Alpha Better  definitely has a big role to play in her Career, especially with the branding.

That was our countdown for you guys today. Tell us what you think.

– Victor Kange