Attraction is a strong force that when a woman hooks a man on, it’s like a magnet that can’t easily be loosened. Nabi, a Bamenda based artist with four tracks already released, unleashes the official video for her latest song, Window Love. “Window Love”, is a very powerful, sensational love story written by Nabi herself. Like every intelligent woman, she plays the major character in the video falling for a young and handsome guy whose lust toward him couldn’t be crushed by any man made obstacle. Full with lots of action, she uses every means women nowadays uses to get men to themselves, what an exposure of women secrets to get a guy to themselves. “with the looks on his eyes, with the smile on his face, I can tell he is the man for me” what a line there! Presented by Piza Entertainment, the song was produced by one of the best producers in the country, DJ Pazzo and directed in Bamenda by Pizaro. Enjoy and share your thoughts.