Born and raised in the heart of the North West region of Cameroon, Tatum (Kumbo), Venayuver Shey Marc Arthur aka Wan Shey is one of the fastest rising Cameroonian hip hop artist. In fact, his CV is pregnant. A graduate from the University of Yaounde 1 with a degree in Bilingual Letters, Wan Shey is not only one of the most talented rappers in Cameroon but he is also a singer, a communicator and above all an executive of a Yaounde based record label Sabi Boy Music Group. Talk about versatility!

Arthur’s love for music started way back in his secondary school days when he would listen to music genuses such as Jay Z, Immortal Technique, Rakim, Krotal, Ak Sang Grave, Wes Madiko, Richard Bona and a host of others. His dream was to one day conquer the world and leave his footprints in the sands of time as far as music is concerned.

Forward to a few years later. Recently, Emcee has had the privilege to share the stage with some of Cameroon’s finest. I am talking about Magasco, Tzy Panchak, Mr. Leo and many more. His word play, punch lines, rhythm and rhyme gives ”eargsms”. He has dropped songs such as Wuna Morning which was received with lots of praises and postivie criticisms. His magic can also be seen in his other works such as Head of Family, Grass etc and all these can be listened via his Youtube channel;  Sabiboy Records. What is even more interesting is his anticipatory video coming up titled Status Update. You don’t want to miss this fellas.

Wany Shey is not only a rising star but he is a potential game changer. His ability to switch between English, pidgin, french and his native Lamnso proves his overall mastery of the art. In fact he incorporates what he got from the four walls of the classroom, to his rich cultural background mixed with his everyday hustle on the streets to provide us music like we have never heard before.

All in all, there is an abundance of untapped talent roaming the streets of Cameroon day in day out. Arthur stands out due to his ability to touch people of all works of life just by using his pen and paper. I beckon you all to follow this young talent vigorously and see for yourselves what I am saying. Shout out to all up and coming artists. Keep doing your thing. One day the world willrecognise you for talents.


By Teddy Krash (#ReviewGuru)