Stanis Le Dragon wasted no time to provide fans with a new track in the early days of the new year. This song is titled Feeling Now and features nobody else but KB Hood’s music sensation Neglect. The fiery instrumentals that accompanied this fine piece was provided by none other but Method J.

This song basically talks about the lifestyle he lives as a Cameroonian artist. He portrays a Porsche lifestyle of clubbing and popping bottles. However that is not all. As an artist in the Cameroonian rap industry, you are also subjected to a lot of criticisms and stress.

That not withstanding Stanis says music is his life and he is confident of whatever he is doing. As a result, he beckons on us all to have faith in our everyday hustle! Yes there will be critics. There will be haters and there will be people who would be better than you. Keep moving forward and never relent.

Let us know your thoughts.

Teddy Krash (#ReviewGuru)