The year 2017 has been a year of so much drama, both joyful and sorrowful I must say.  Outside the world of Cameroon entertainment, there has been so many recorded killings, deadly motor accidents, violence, torture you can name the rest.
In the midst of Cameroonian artistes, we also have records similar to the abovementioned. They include; hate, envy, jealousy, pride, ego, etc. These are the viruses destroying the little love that exists between our fellow artistes. The year 2017 is already getting to an end. The month of December is that time of the year when everybody makes an effort to reconcile with one another and get into the following year with a fresh mind and fresh start.
Many fans and followers claim that bloggers are the main reason why celebrities have beef amongst themselves. They accuse bloggers for fueling minute feuds which could have been settled and wiped out. For this reason, we have taken up this challenge to preach love and tell all fighting and beefing aftiste that hate won’t win, we are exhausted seeing actions of hate and thus it should remain in 2017. Instead of fighting one another, we should stick together and build a better industry, not just for ourselves but for the younger generations still to come. Everyone is a king and queen in what the music they do. Let nobody’s crown be a problem to you. Work hard, pick your crown that fits your head and sit on your thrown. We shall overcome..
Let Love Lead.

Merry Christmas and Properous New Year 2017
– Victor Kange