It’s slightly impossible to see a music producer (Beat Maker)  who is also an artiste but doesn’t sing so well. From the Drake’s to the Jay-Zs and the Kanyes, down to Africa where we have the Alhadji Teknos and Selebobos, all these great talents make music, sounds and beats and also sing on them.
In Cameroon, we have such great talents. They have produced great music and mind blowing instrumentals and have also served us with hit songs. 237showbiz as usual brings to you another countdown of  10 Producers who are also artistes. Mind you, there are hundreds of them in Cameroon but to pick out only 10, we decided to base our judgement on the fact that, they have produced hit songs, for other artistes and have sang good/hit songs for themselves. See full list below.
Mister Elad
On our 10th spot is the very talented Mister Elad. A producer, performer and singer who has produced not only songs for himself, but also for others. Mister Elad recently dropped his latest single ”Gimme Dat” produced by Melody. fans actually vibed to it. That was the same case with ”Yamo” which was literally produced by the artiste himself. Have you had a taste of Denzyl’s ”Nanga Mboko?” guess who produced the track?  Oh yes Mister Elad. The mister should deceive you, he’s actually not gentle when it comes to beat making, they are always sick when he puts those instruments together
VOC is that producer rapper who has just sent a note saying ”Keep me the crown, I’m on my way.” The Camer US based rapper/producer made a huge impact with his single ”Letter to Atangi Nji Paul” this letter was not only read by the said recipient, but also the fans who are waiting patiently for his forthcoming album ”First Born”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes 5 spots to the top..
Aka Mr Music, many of you wouldn’t know who DeeCy might be, but he is one of Camer’s most underrated rappers. DeeCy featured on Jovi’s HIV album when he stepped on mbokogod’s ”Nothing To Something” track. He also produced Ko-C’s ”Balancé”. DeeCy has songs to his name such as ”Ngombey, Mami Play Play, 90s girl.” His fans randomly classify him as Camer’s Drake..
7. I.V.O
I began respecting IVO’s productions from Maahlox hit song ”Tuer pour Tuer featuring Phill B. He didn’t stop there, he exposés himself to creating mind blowing beats for Maahlox Levibeur. IVO was recently awarded best producer at the 2017 Greenlight awards. Thereafter he fell out with Maahlox and the Zone2Rap crew. IVO has not branded himself much as an artiste, but he sounded really cool on CoOlkid’s ”Je Suis Zen” and also On Se Reverra the first song released for his new label Fast life. Nevertheless, Many fans are waiting to see how Maahlox will sound without him. Fingers crossed.
Chikala by Big Game, Seriously, Douala by Coolkid, When I blow by Mic Monsta, 4 Soiree by Stanis, Neglect Buri, you can go on and on. All these tracks were produced by the Afrima nominee. Beatballer is a producer and an artiste at the same time. He also produced his Party Tales track which has been making waves and also the  La fiesta song for Jumia. Young and talented, the youngster seems to put in more work in production than singing. I for one think he deserve the 6th spot because of his nomination.
5. Blaise Bsings
Blaise B
 ”Akwandor!” I love the way it sounds. The Eposi master. From label Akwandor Music, Blaise B was signed to Alpha Better Records. Even before his arrival, he has been producing songs for the Alpha Better Records team. As an artiste, he produced his hit songs Eposi, also Clando, which featured label mate Mr. Leo and Salatiel, Front & back , Pour MoiBlaise B recently produced a song for Hiro titled  Molo. One thing fans adore from the beat magician is that he never disappoints.
4. PhillBill Beats
‘Hmmmm its PhillBill” Le Gars La Est Laid, Mimbayeur, Le Number. These are all hits produced by Rythmz co singer PhillBillBeats. Under Rythmz their latest single ”Boboloh” was very much welcomed by their fans. Apparently, any beat the talented producer touches eventually becomes a hit. I’ll advise artistes start looking his way. The likes of Minks and Blanche Bailly have already related to his beats and can’t get enough of it.
His hit song ”Jamais” featuring Darix is still listened to till date. I was actually playing it while writing about him on this article. Krotal is one of the most respected rapper/producers in Cameroon. He is one of those who began rapping at the time. Krotal also featured on Jovi’s song Achombo House whereby he did the chorus. Krotal has EPs and albums to his name.   La B.O de nos lifz released in 2015, Ouvre les Yeux in 2017.
2. Salatiel
Salatiel[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=
 ”It’s Salatiel on this one, Salatiel on the beat.” Nowadays in Camer music, almost every artiste wants to have this talented beat maker responsible for their beats. It’s no news the Alpha Better Records boss man is also a musician, songwriter and performer. Apart from producing, he is known for giving his fans hit songs. Mr Leo’s ”Partout” was produced by him. Hits under his name include, ”Toi et Moi, Fap Kolo and Femme de ma Galère.” According to fans, Salatiel seems to be on fire in terms of production these days, evidence from Daphne’s Calée. While waiting to see the extent of her new tracks also worked by Salatiel, we are hundred percent convinced he deserves second place.
1. LeMonstre
Jovi under his producer name LeMonstre seems to be the rapper with the most songs in Camer music. That alone makes him undisputed. Secondly, if you haven’t noticed, LeMonstre doesn’t attach his name to his beats, that also makes him outstanding and confident. Jovi LeMonstre has produced a song for Akon titled shine the light, and majority of all the tracks released of his entire New Bell Music team. We just had to give him first place. His beats are genuine and always exceptional. Jovi recently shut down the show in Uganda during the Nyege Nyege Festival alongside Reniss. Fans of the Mboko God are never satisfied when he drops a song, they always ask for more
That was our top 10 for artistes who are also music producers. Did you find anything wrong on the countdown or list?  Who deserves a better spot?  Who doesn’t fit?  Give us an idea of what your own countdown looks like. We’re waiting patiently, the comment section is yours..
-Victor Kange