As a social media user, or fan of entertainment be it in any industry you find yourself in, you must have come across a post on your timeline published by a young artiste ranting! It’s either this youngster is ranting or showing his frustrations about how he/she has put in every effort to get in touch with their idols or mentors all to no avail.

When all hopes are lost, they tend to social media to express their disappointment in trying every means to get in touch with the people they look up to. Several upcoming entertainers reach out to celebrities for many reason, some are responded, others are snobbed, a greater proportion of these generation of entertainer’s messages are never even read. We did a little research to know why some established celebrities don’t respond to upcoming artistes and this is what we could put together. Did you ever think the fault could come from you?

Nope! You didn’t! Below are 5 reasons why why you text some celebrities, it doesn’t even get an automatic reply.

1. Approach:

First impression to most people counts a whole lot. Most especially people who welcome hundreds and thousands of messages on a daily basis. The manner in which you place you request or table your worry will determine whether your messages needs to be given a second look or not. Many upcoming artistes ignorantly sound rude, irritating and informal when talking to celebrities or sending the a message. Be rest assured if you are the “Yo Krotal, Howfar El Collangtino, Aseh Grand” type, it is worthy to note that your message will attract webs in their inbox as the days go by. Work on your approach!

2. Ignorance ( Some Upcoming Artistes Don’t Know Where To Write To)

Honestly, this particular reason always gets me laughing. Many upcoming artistes don’t know where to write to get the “official attention” of many celebrities. It is true you can ghet to many of them on Facebook messenger, twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram, but for those who want to work with lets say artistes, there’s what we refer to as the “Booking Contact” this information is available on the “bio” of almost every entertainer’s social media pages. Don’t go writing to artistes on their Facebook fan pages thinking they will easily get to it. Let’s learn to do things the right way. When many of you inbox and they don’t see it, you run to social media screaming “Cameroonian Artistes Are Not Supportive”

Also, not every artiste you see on social media has access to their social, media pages. many of the pages of these artistes you see are controlled 100% by their management team or community manager. For instance, an artiste like Nigerian superstar Burna Boy confirm on the Breakfast Club that the only app he has on his phone is WhatsApp.

3. The Messenger Settings Of Some Social Media Applications

The manner in which some social media messaging applications are set up will also cause some celebrities not to see your messages when you send them a Direct Message most especially on instagram. If you are sending someone a message on instagram for the very first time, it might take them a while before they see it. This because, not every instagram user knows that when they get messages from people for the first time it falls in the “Message Request Box“, another inbox in your inbox. This makes it hard for user who aren’t familiar with instagram to get to Message Requests.

4. Timing

With timing, the period of the day, month or schedule of the artistes will also make your message spend nights in their inbox. Some are artistes are very busy and your messages may reach them when they are either recording or on tour. However, it is preferable to always reach out to the artistes using their “Booking Numbers And Emails”

5. The Content Of Their Messages

Lastly, the content of your message will also determine whether the artistes will respond or not. Many upcoming artistes usually miss their chances of getting a reply when they send their messages through. While others are sounding desperate by requesting to either meet some of these celebrities so they can get signed, others want their phone numbers, house address and some private information which makes the celebrities uncomfortable and scared at the same time to even continue the conversation. This is also the same case with some fans.

All in all, not everyone will agree with the above reasons. However, if you have any comments about this information or advise for the upcoming artistes, please leave your thoughts in the comment section

Victor Kange