Arts is being reinvented everyday and as at now there are so many forms that the conventional ones seem to be loosing face. Today we have someone who is into a very controversial but yet exciting form of art, and it is no other person but Nina Mbunwe Cameroon’s most notable nude model.

1. She Eats A Lot: Someone once said every girls’ dream is to eat and yet not get fat, well Nina is leaving that dream full time. As a model especially a nude one, her body is her best asset but yet she doesn’t go slow on food.


2. She Doesn’t Do Exercise: What did I just say about her body? Nina Mbunwe astonishingly doesn’t do any exercise to keep fit. She definitely has a unique metabolism.


3. Loves WWE: The voluptuous model is a fan of wrestling shows, probably because of the muscular guys. Who knows.


4. She Is An Only Child: Nina’s parents where blessed to get only her as a child, surely they treat her with utmost love.


5. Naughty And Capricious Kid: Well, given the fact that she’s an only child I think it is self explanatory. Thanks dear 237showbees for being with us today and catch us next week as we go to discover another one of our  very own celebrities.