Hello 237showbees,once more you are welcome to our spot dedicated to the discovery of our stars as they have never been seen before.Today,we have the charismatic Kossa moi ca” star Numerica and “these are 5 Things You Did Not Know About Numerica.

1.  Eru is his favourite meal:The music star who is well-known for his great physique is a big fan of Eru.In fact it is actually his favourite ,this makes me wonder how he maintains himself in shape.Clearly stardom is not an easy thing.

2. Never Sleeps Before 1am:The music star can strangely be tagged a “nocturnal” as he reveals to us that he never finds sleep before 1am.Well,we all have our little eccentricities.

3. He Is Not In A Relationship With Daphne: After collaborating with Daphne in “No way” and featuring in both “Jusqu’à la gare” and “promets moi” it was rumoured that the artist is romantically entangled with hit maker Daphne.Well,he is in no way in any romantic relationship with Daphne.So all those guys who feared to approach the hitmaker for fear of Numerica,you now have you go ahead.Good luck to you all!

4. Loves Video Games: Numerica has playing video games as most cherished hobby and his favourite video game is FIFA 18.Where are all the gamers,do you think you can beat Numerica in a confrontation?

5. Loves Spontaneity: The “Kossa moi ca” hit maker is an out of the box thinker and loves to see things unfold in an unplanned manner.Probably this is why we cannot say with clarity what interval he gives between his musical releases. Numerica recently dropped his single “Validé “ and he has been getting a lot of acclamation since then.You all are encouraged to check it out.Catch you next week as we go to the discovery of another Cameroonian artist.