Some artistes love to go solo throughout their musical career, others need guidance from Record Labels to help them mold their talents. You as a music lover will want to agree with me that it is better for an artiste to be under a music label. When I talk of a Record Label,  I’m talking about one with a good reputation.

A good record label will discover a talented artiste, guide and mold the talent, polish it and put it in the markets. With such treatment, the artiste is confident and able deliver more hit songs.

However, that is not the case with Camer record labels. Most of them tend to switch the music genre of their artistes after they have made an impact with a few hit songs,   in most cases, the artistes are one way or the other never in accordance with the switch as most case are imposed on them.

Unfortunately for the artiste and a few disappointed fans, they just have to comply. Some artistes actually sound horrible and awkward while others actually adapt with the very first try. For instance, switching from pure Rap to Afro Pop, Pure English singing artistes to ”by force French”.

In addition, Ko-C who seems to be Kamer’s pride because of his fast raps suddenly switched in his latest hit ”Bollo C’est Bollo”. Although many welcomed the sudden switch from the Big Dreams rapper, others thought it was a weak approach from one who is said to be Kamer’s fastest rapper. I for one think he may be backsliding and giving room for the likes of Boy Tag to take his spot.

Should Record Labels impose switch on their artistes?  Tell us what you think.. Who else do you think has switched or is about switching, let’s spill the beans..

Victor Kange