Blu Nation C.E.O and Boss Marvin Slim on an inteview alongside Tzy Panchak on Stuck In the Middle Podcast in the United States made mention of his disagreement with what Empire Company Boss Pit Baccardi is doing in the Cameroon music industry. The Label Boss noted with dismay that Pit Baccardi has been blocking many artists from getting on trace. In his interview he made mention of the fact that, in the Cameroon music industry it’s hard to get on trace unless through Pit Baccardi. Word from the streets also suggest that you need to either be on good terms with the  Empire Company boss or be signed to his Distribution Company/Label in other to get on trace. Mavin made mention of the fact that it is because of Pit, that Tzy Panchak has never been on trace even given the fact that Tzy has been one of the most consistent Camneroonian artist Recently, With good songs such as Mad 4 yU Luv, Ngueme, Stay With MeMaKavelli .

This seems to be the case with many other artists who also think some old folks in the game are hindering the progress of upcoming and growing artists. Could this be one of the reasons why Jovi had a problem with Pit  Baccardi some time ago? is he an opportunist? . This also comes at a time when a gossip is moving around about Nami Nami Cyrus’s exit from Empire. what’s next? Well for now we’´ll just have to fold our arms seat, relax and hope to hear more about what the Rapper and Label boss have to say. Watch the long interview below….and leave your comments behind.



Written by:
Emmanuel Mfon