We are delighted to release yet another mind and heart touching masterpiece from BONZYZ titled , ‘’No Ever Come Back’ with additional vocals from LEONETTE . Produced By ORACLE and Engineered by SPIRIT T ‘’No ever come Back’’ is one of those songs that will once again make you understand that  BONZYZ is one of those few Emcees around the world who can  juggle all the different types of flows, rhymes , stories, fiction , facts   ,  and touch on just about every topic facing humanity but still give you the sense of humor that can make you dance and laugh.‘’ e be like say make I cry, man ko promise you say stand for here no ever come back?’’ .Bonzyz sings close to his heart with tears, screaming asking why, asking people why and asking God why but laughing hysterically… Hahahahah but God Why…??? NO EVER COME BACK’ is dropping come Friday 15 September 2017 on YouTube, iTunes, Sound cloud, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Some of his past projects like KUPSHI , I just Di Observe , My Voice ft  LEONETTE and The Announcement Ep (which many described as the best  Hip Hop  EP from Cameroon 2016) has proven him  as One of the very best few rappers around  the world  who have braved up to do edutainment besides entertainment. They is no Rap artist  better around here to trust ( educate or entertain) your kids and environment (club, streets, home, alter) with at the same time than BONZYZ,  the young talented  237 Born Emcee , Wimbum inspired  dreamer  , Muhkula(  Nkambe Pickin) raised lyricist who’s music centers around themes like love, peace, change , unity , human and community development, humor , education and God.



Youtube: Bonzyz

Twitter: @Bonzyzkwaka

Instagram: @Bonzyz