Fake social media accounts especially Facebook profiles has become rampant in the Cameroon Entertainment industry. Invincible Cowards as they are fondly called create these fake accounts to either sabotage, bully or ridicule others in the industry. A good number of these accounts are said to be controlled by artistes.

Question here is, Is it worth picking a fight with a fake Facebook account? One whose profile picture is either a Lamborghini, a bouquet of roses, a beautiful damsel, no mutual friends, and an empty timeline for most cases!

These accounts, most of which are owned by some artiste who can’t approach others with their real identity, hence they use these accounts as camouflage in order to rub the image of others in the mud. What is the best approach one can use to tackle such evil gestures? Do you block? Report? Or fight back? How then do you clap back to something from someone you have no idea about? Fake accounts are responsible for 70% hate situations in the Cameroon music and movie industry. It’s a pity!

Share with us your experience. Have you ever been attacked by a fake account? What was your reaction?

Victor Kange