Where do we start from? OK! First and foremost, blogging only started getting its place in Cameroon in recent times. Entertainment blogging in Cameroon only got to see the light of the day thanks to the growth and step which the urban music in Cameroon had to take. Bloggers had no say in the years of 2005 to 2010.

Back then, hustle at that time was offline and it was around these age that mobile internet was introduced and easily accessible by many users. Many fans only got to acquire music by their favourite artistes by purchasing pirated mp3 CDs which alone carried over 200 songs for some cases. It was hard for anyone to trust the efforts of a blogger at that era in Cameroon.

Fast forward to the year 2013/2014, many bloggers had set up their various platforms and one way or the other, they began doing the little things they could to push up the industry. Along the line, they were often sidelined and criticised both my internet users, artistes and trolls.
‘’Some blogger dey this Cameroon sef?’ these are some of the statements made most especially by trolls or upcoming and new artistes seeking for attention. ‘’Any Cameroonian now with smart phone and data na blogger!’’

Cameroonian bloggers play a great role in the entertainment industry and its growth. We can point out a good number of artiste whom have rose to fame through the big push by bloggers. Songs are now mad downloadable by fans thanks to the efforts of some Cameroonian blogs like www.237showbiz.com which has played a great role in the career journey of over 5000 artistes and made possible the downloading and promotion of over 10.000 songs since its 3 years of existence.

Other blogs bring to you information that could keep you updated socially, politically and economically, other ‘’kongossa blogs’’ will keep you entertained and glued to your devices early in the mornings or late in the evening after work, chill or before bed time.

There’s a lot of work to be done, Cameroon needs more bloggers than micro bloggers. The industry is growing and thus the blogosphere needs to grow up as well in order to match the pace.

Victor Kange