It’s not just embarrassing, but it’s also a shame that a hash tag which has been trending for close to a month now came as a result of an advice given to us by one of Africa’s biggest entertainers in the person of Davido. A foreigner, a Nigerian to be precise. Instead of heeding to such an advice and applying it to our daily life, we prefer preaching without practicing it.

#SupportYourOwn What comes to your mind whenever you see or hear about this hash tag? Is it fully practised or has it ended up on social media only as a hash tag?

– To support your own means to contribute only to positivity.
– To support your own means to turn up for events and give not only moral or financial support.
– To support your own means to stand up for each other.
– To support your own means to respect everyone’s hustle and be sincere.

#HoldHandsMovement on its part is almost similar to #SupportYourOwn only that it applies to the movers and shakers of the industry, whereas Support Your Own is something general.

As a fan, music lover etc. If someone were to ask you; How have you been supporting your own? What will be your response?

Will you say you like, comment and share their posts? Watch YouTube views? Attend concerts? How have you been supporting?

Victor Kange